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Executive Coaching    & Training Solutions 

HNA Training is a small woman, minority, veteran-owned micro-business specializing in leadership development, executive coaching, management & professional development training, and career development services.  

Our Solutions

We partner with organizations and individuals to provide leadership training, management professional development and executive coaching solutions.   

Our Services

Professional & Management Development Training

We provide management development training (NAICS Code 611430) and specialize in New Manager and leadership development training.  We also offer a full range of employee and professional development training courses that can be delivered on your work site, or at our training facility.  

Leadership & Executive Development Coaching

We specialize in helping mid-level managers to break through the mid-management bottleneck by providing one-on-one executive coaching and group coaching sessions.  Our premium coaching engagement is tailored for Aspiring Executives who want to level-up and prepare for a senior leadership promotion. We teach 1) core executive competencies, 2) how to gain executive presence, and 3) how to make mindset and behavioral changes to build organizational support.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

At HNA we are committed to diversity in the workplace.  Our organizational psychologists and certified diversity and multicultural trainers stand ready to support any organization with a new diversity campaign and/or bringing cultural sensitivity training to your workplace. 

Management Consulting

As organizational psychologists, we provide expert-level organization development consulting services (NAICS Code 541618) to large organizations and work with government contractors and government agencies to help them attain their strategic goals and reach organizational effectiveness.    

Human Resources Support

We provide HR consulting services (NAICS 541612) and work with HR departments to support the human capital needs of the organization. We provide the following services:

1) On-call HR advice;

2) Employee relations counsel;  

3) Staff training and development;

4) EEO and workplace investigations; 

We also support start-up companies through our management consulting services.  We will do for you what you do not have the staff or time to do for your small business.  


Our expert consultants will provide your staff and organization with a full range of workplace and psychological assessments, to include: 360-degree assessments and feedback; DiSC, MBTI, CPI, LPI, Culture assessment, IQ Achievement Test, MMPI, Personality Inventory.

Ready to find out more?

HNA is ready to partner with you to help you achieve your professional development and career goals. 

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